Anyone on here go in for this? I bought M a book on it for Christmas so apparently we’ll be replacing rhubarb with Japanese knotweed!

Tips? Thoughts? Discussion? Horror stories? Well, maybe light ones :grimacing:

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Was thinking of making a thread on this! Today I sautéed some oyster mushrooms I foraged a couple of days ago and had them with egg on toast. First time I’ve picked something myself and ate it (apart from blackberries and that) but I’ve done a couple of foraging day courses where we picked and sampled some mushrooms and other things like sorrel. Got a couple of books for Christmas and I’d like to do more of it really.





Apparently you can dry out jelly ears and then reconstitute them overnight with neat squash to make vegan sweeties, seen loads of jelly ears around this year but haven’t tried them yet

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I see loads of mushrooms when walking the dog on my estate and I’d love to pick some, but the place is so squalid there’s no chance I wouldn’t get ill from eating them.


My foraging career peaked when I pciked magic mushrooms from the fields behind my university campus.

Got some sloes from Hampstead Heath to make sloe gin once, that was nice.



Closest I get is rummaging through the bags of kale at Tesco finding one with the longest shelf life.


Nothing more adventurous that blackberries and elderberries here. Oh, and apples too - though isn’t that scrumping? (The trees were on common land, not on some rich person’s orchard).

It’s a big deal round here though - you see people in the woods with big ol’ buckets for collecting mushrooms.

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I found a book I bought on holiday in the bottom of my rucksack called ‘Food for Free’, deffo want to do more.

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I have only ever used what grows in the garden that came with the house (blackberries, crab apples, pears, sloe, regular apples). In year 5 we went on a foraging walk for geography and picked some elderberry and it was really lovely. I have a book about natural remedies and some of it can be foraged but im just scared ill get it wrong and die. I really want to try things like wild garlic or samphire by the sea that I found myself. If if gives half the joy I get from cooking from the trees in the garden then it’ll be great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I received (after requesting) a couple of books on foraging for Christmas. Very excited to begin. I saw what I think are turkey tail mushrooms on a walk the other day but did not pick them. Here in France you can take any foraged mushrooms into a pharmacy and they’ll confirm if they’re safe to eat or not.


In Switzerland they have these offices where you take your haul and they check them for you, wish there was something like that here as there’s always stuff I think I can identify but up to now I’ve always been scared of actually picking anything myself


I would love to get into foraging more! I always pick wild garlic by the absolute load and freeze lots of it because I like it so much. Lime tree blossoms make a lovely calming tea, so I tend to grab a bunch of them as well though their season is short here. I’ve also experimented with roasting beech nuts (tasty) but the hungry squirrels tend to get them all before I have a chance.


Always mean to pick rosehips, then get too scared that I’ve got it wrong and leave them alone.

Somewhere you could check your haul would be excellent.


If you’re on instagram Lisa is a really good follow, I did one of her day courses in 2018 and she knows so much and has great tips and recipes

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I joined a foraging group on Facebook but had to leave (or at least turn off notifications) because it felt really gatekeepy and patronising :frowning:

I haven’t joined any but I get the feeling there would be a lot of caginess about sharing info so people don’t encroach on your turf

I didn’t get that vibe specifically, more along the lines of simple questions being answered with a long unrequested lecture about how you shouldn’t be simply looking for things to eat but learning the full identification process and I can’t believe you aren’t being more grateful for my long rambling post on the subject perhaps you should just get a book kind of thing.

Oh and a nice discussion of how peoples grandparents used to call jelly ears “Jew’s ears” and how that couldn’t be antisemitic, how dare you bring your woke bs in here.

To be fair with the both, there were significant number of people taking a decent stand but not a particularly cool feeling

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Fungi are a minefield. You have to be absolutely certain of what you are doing. A couple local to me picked some death cap mushrooms and cooked them and ate them thinking they were Ceps or something. They are now on renal dialysis because their kidneys don’t function. I would love to pick wild mushrooms but I don’t have 100% confidence to do so.