Force of habit

What things do you do by force of habit? Annoying things? Helpful things?

I realised last night when saying goodbye to some people I just met at a gig that I always seem to say ‘take it easy’ by force of habit when saying goodbye to people, especially if it’s like a slightly awkward goodbye. I have no idea where I picked this up from. the Bright Eyes song? it’s no ‘stay rude’ but it’s definitely something I’m going to have to make a conscious effort to stop doing.

Smother people to death with a nun’s outfit


Take it easy or see you after are my default setting when trying to just say bye. But mainly take it easy

Keep saying ‘are you well?’ Instead of how’s it going or whatever to people I’ve not seen in a while. Not a fan of it and it sounds weird but I keep doing it

I say things like Wicked and Ace and it’s really embarrassing


I find myself saying ‘Magic’ sometimes

I do this as well - I picked it up from an Irish director at a Construction firm I used to work at. He’d always say “are you well?” and it just stuck with me.

Likewise, when saying goodbye he’d say “good luck.” First time he said that I replied “what for?” but then he explained it meant goodbye. I don’t do this so often, but occasionally it creeps in.

I also picked it up from an Irishman. Is this a thing @kallgeese @cutthelights

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yeah absolutely, I say this all the time. It’s sometimes jokingly followed with “coz you’re looking well!”

also do the “good luck” when saying goodbye


Well, well, well

Yes! My uncle always says that.

Also have a Welsh mate who says “There you are then” when we’re wrapping up a chat on the phone.

actually in the midlands you’d often just say “well” instead of “hi”

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I do this too. I just see it as good life advice.

I always use “good luck” when ending a call in work. With my brothers and closest friends we have it down to “g’luck!”. Have been doing it for years and have no intention of ever stopping it.


Bye…bye…bye bye bye bye
hangs up phone

I loathe myself

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started saying ‘okie dokie’ at work and a part of me dies inside every time i do


I do that too. Bye bye byebyebybybybyybybhangup


Not related but people have mentioned a few times the whole trying to say goodbye thing. I hate it when goodbyes take ages. Please leave now.

EDIT: OR when you’re unable to get off a phone call. You’ll have said bye about ten times and the other person will keep on talking. No!


Multiple inanimate objects get an “aye, righto” before being used


Picked up the habit of whistling and saying “clack” and “boom” after each sentence when explaining something.

My French boss did it and it rubbed off