Foreign chocolate



it’s the best, eh? these have just shown up in the bookshop and i’m freaking out at how good they are.

Give me other ones tho


Feel bad that this is being ignored - therefore, I would like to nominate the undisputed king of chocolate…



Also Hershey’s tastes of cheese.




Hershey’s is/are well shit.

American chocolate bars in general (outside of the biggies that we get over here as standard) are massively overrated


Except the ones that smuggle licorice into them.

Foreign chocolate bar roulette is one of the best things about going on holiday, had an absolutely blinding one in Latvia once that I wish I could remember the name of.




correct x2




Legitimately the only person outside of America who enjoys Hershey’s. Reeses are good but plain Hershey’s? Bleuuuuurhghgjgjgjjhhhhhdiejrjbfvdn


Hersheys (and maybe other American chocolate) literally tastes like vomit.


I think you mean soap


I think you mean sick


sick and soap are all correct


Posts in italics, touts Hershey’s as an acceptable chocolate option.



‘Literally’ in the original meaning of the word. It’s like they inject the chocolate with stomach acid and bile.


Herscheese more like it



Yeah, not ‘literally but I mean metaphorically’ sense of sports commentators but literally in ‘this reminds me of sick in my mouth’ kind of way.


the swedish ones are kind of nice


It really does have that horrible acidic vomit quality.