Foreign currencies: coins and notes

do you save any lil coins you have leftover after an intl holiday?
what are your favourite notes/coins?
weirdest ones you have?

I love Macedonian denar (notes and coins; coins are like pirate money and notes have peacocks on), Danish kroner and Ukrainian kopiyok. Some nice lil Chinese and UAE coins too. My faves are my Transnistrian coins/10 rouble note :heart_eyes:

(someone i know collects coins/notes - he’s gonna make a list of what he has and what he hasn’t got. if you’d be happy to contribute any of your leftover coins, lemme know. he’s alright for pounds/euros/US dollars but anything more unusual might be of interest)

When I was at me mams this week I found my old coin collection, need to have a proper go through them.

Normally end up with coins post holidays. Got about 20 quids worth of euros and sheikls in me bedroom drawers

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Anything with big numbers on it that makes you feel extremely rich, e.g. 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah (=£5)

I’ll have a look later on and take some pictures. Pretty sure I have some from currencies that no longer exist.

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Love the Macedooan notes, so colourful.

Vietnamese Dong is good


Some nice big ones there!

I used to have a sock full of random coins from various holidays but I think it got lost last time I moved. Mildly annoying as it had quite a few pre-Euro nuggets: Francs, Guilders, Drachma and Deutschmarks for sure.


We got new notes a couple of years ago. Obviously I never carry cash, so the few times I have to handle them in work or whatever the new notes just feel really ridiculous to me.

Apparently these are our current notes, I only really remember the fish one (because hello, it’s a fish on actual money). The previous set of notes had faces of famous historical people on them.





Pretty sure I’ve yet to see real life examples of the 500 and 1000 ones.


Actually the viking ship on the 100 note is also quite nice, as far as currency can ever be nice

I have a few coins with fish on, Icelandic kron[a/e/er?? cannot remember which is which] and Croatian kuna I think off the top of my head.

Always good fun to have animals on coins.

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Yeah think the fish coins are Icelandic!

I particularly like any coins with a hole in, and also any weirdly light coins made of aluminium or whatever.


Here’s our leftovers pot

A quick root around yields us, euro, Australian and Icelandic currency. There’s probably some Canadian in there too, and maybe some Indian

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Quite liked the Costa Rican notes. Naturally all had pictures of birds, butterflies, monkeys, etc on them.

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That 100 note is a previous generation Norwegian one!

I think it was early 2008 I went to Norway, so it’s no surprise it’s out of date.

100 krone is less than a tenner apparently - I think there may have been a lower limit on what I could have got changed back. Or maybe I just never got around to it…

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I’ve got about 25€, which should be worth a fortune soon


Hell yeah!

I would argue that notes are quite boring, though, as they tend to be old statesmen who interest me little but I’ll make an exception for Iran as the Ayatollah looks happy:

I like this one too because I like boats:

Coins are more interesting. I like this one from Hong Kong because of its shape:

I like this one from Israel because it’s got a menorah on it and I like menorahs:

And this Turkish one I like too with the Bridge in Istanbul connecting east and west.


Ones with native wildlife on them are best e.g. Brazil
Romania has a lot going on which I like

not really been to any countries other than that


I went into a Bureau de Change (they call themselves Forex Bank but I see through that shit) on Tuesday to cash some UK tenners my mum had sent in my birthday card back in February. When I walked in there was one customer in there and the cashier was counting out

”One million…one and a half, two million” etc …up to ”there… 4million, three hundred and thirty thousand.”

And I was like wtf?!

Then the cashier said to the old dude ’Have a nice time in Indonesia’

And I did a superfast google and it turns out it was about £230


That reminds me of the regret I have of not buying Yugoslavian hyperinflation era money when I was in Belgrade. People were selling it everywhere for next to nothing and I still don’t know why I didn’t buy any. Notes with hundreds of billions on them. Crazy.

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Saying that, I just looked on eBay and you can pick up 50 billion Dinar for £1.99