Foreigner DiSers: Things British People Do



Before heading out last Friday in the daytime, had a few people meet at our place so we had more time to get ready.

Later I overheard a conversation from the Dutch contingent of our group. They were laughing because when they’d arrived, we were eating toast and drinking tea with milk in it. They thought this was a stereotype and found it hilarious that we were actually doing it. This was made worse by me being the last to get ready so I was literally just eating toast with butter on to save time. None of us had considered it at all weird, but yeah, I guess it’s very British innit.

Later one called me a chauvinist because when a Tom Jones song came on I pounded my chest and told everyone he was Welsh. I was mortally offended, then discovered I didn’t know the meaning of the word chauvinist. I mean, I’m still not one, but yeah.

Any other incidents like this?


As an inverse to this, a radiator got a leak in our hostel on a trip to Italy and the owner guy went “Mama mia!” when he saw it and it was the best thing I’ve ever seen.

POTW – Nominations
POTW – Nominations

English people are obsessed with roast dinners and crumble-based desserts. Obsessed.



ooooh fuck yes


Why did they call you a chauvinist? Did they know what the word means?




Exactly the opposite to this. Roast dinners = great. Crumbles = can take or leave.



cos of the Tom Jones thing and being Welsh.


mate i’m having an apple crumble in place of a wedding cake. haven’t told 'er indoors yet but i’m sure she won’t mind.


Well, turns out I didn’t know what it meant! I’ve always just understood it as male chauvinism. I’ll be damned.


Hope it doesn’t all end in tiers.

Doesn’t work


yeah me too - had no idea it meant this


English people say “Blimey.” a lot and it’s hilarious.


crumble>>>>>>>>>>>>wedding cake


I think we all (other than marckee) have learnt a lesson today.


Yes! Me too!

Like literally, the person who said it works as a psychologist and I respect the opinion of so when she said it I was floored. Five minutes of self-loathing in silence later, I interjected the group conversation like “Um, just going back to that um earlier bit, I’m just curious and wondering maybe, um, what made you describe me as a chauvinist?”.


Complain about nice weather. The pricks.


Can British people stop clogging this thread up with things which weren’t asked for please?

Shouldn’t have to ask


Every time my American father in law comes over he complains about how terrible British TV is, which makes no fucking sense, because a) American television is fucking awful, and b) all he watches anyway is sports and a few prestige shows like Game of Thrones, so who is he to judge?


The first time my colleagues took me out for a drink at lunchtime I ordered a half. How they laughed.