Forest of Dean

It’s quite big. I think he should share it.

Garden of Eden

New Forests been around for a while now. Maybe they should consider dropping the ‘new’.


Not really a forest either.

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Then they should just call it ’ '.


I live in Sherwood, but it’s a very long way from Sherwood Forest. Which is in Edwinstowe.

Again I really don’t see why this guy needs a forest all of his own.



I don’t get football, so I’m just going to assume his name is Amazon Rayne.


my favourite pornstar

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His friends call him Tim. Tim Nottingham.

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If someone tells you they’re taking you to the Forest of Bere, and you don’t have a chance to read it first, it’s a right disappointment when you get there and there’s just trees. Also, according to Wikipedia, it is just a partially forested area, so it should be called the Partially Forested Area of Bere (BYOBB)

That’s an anagram. I smell a rat.

Have you ever met Dean? Is he nice?

He blessed the rains down in Amazon.

Great guy, Tim Africa.

What’s the deal with Fort Wayne? Why does Wayne have a fort all to himself as well as fountains?