Forest Swords


Excellent new single just came out. Fits pretty perfectly alongside this new Blanck Mass record for weirdo dystopian electronic jams.

Rolling Dance Whatever 2017
Forest swords - compassion

Heard this yesterday - it’s good. Maybe the darkest sounding thing he’s done.

Hoping for some live dates as really enjoyed them at St Luke’s a few years back. Good chat with them in the 'Spoons opposite afterwards too :+1:


This is great! Loved Engravings and this bodes very well for the new album. Manages to retain the unique sound he’s developed but stretch it in a couple of interesting ways.


Oh wow. Fucking love that.


God I fucking love Forest Swords.


Really good. Forgetten how good he is actually. Think I’ll give Engravings a spin later.


This is great! Not listened to Forest Swords for ages. Forgotten about the new Blanck Mass too, going to give that a listen now.


Text Forest Swords for new music! Cool idea


We did swapsies cause I’m bored on a train


Great idea. Can’t believe nobody’s done this before.


I got a really long Bjork remix and my friend got a new 2 min track. Extremely cool way to get music to people.


also got this two minute kinda intro-y track


Got this too

Loving this idea


I got a Bjork remix, two matess got a (new?) 5 min track. Mental


Compassion album out 5th May. One of the best sleeves of the yr so far too


Aaaand a new video, gorgeous song. Somewhere between Massive Attack and Burial with Björk strings.
Really lush.


This is lovely. Even more hyped for the album now!


New single another banger. Productio seems a level above Engravings. Super hyped:


Such a good song and vid. Tour dates too yesss

10.16.17 - Bristol The Lantern
10.18.17 - London Village Underground
10.19.17 - Brighton The Haunt
10.20.17 - Leeds Headrow House
10.21.17 - Manchester Gorilla


Gah. Why did I sleep on the text for music thing. Not going to listen to these new tracks as I just pre-ordered the album.

Will skip the live dates though. Saw him at ATP and it doesn’t really lend itself to a live setting that well (IMHO, obviously). The place was empty though tbf.