Forest Swords

Excellent new single just came out. Fits pretty perfectly alongside this new Blanck Mass record for weirdo dystopian electronic jams.


Heard this yesterday - it’s good. Maybe the darkest sounding thing he’s done.

Hoping for some live dates as really enjoyed them at St Luke’s a few years back. Good chat with them in the 'Spoons opposite afterwards too :+1:


This is great! Loved Engravings and this bodes very well for the new album. Manages to retain the unique sound he’s developed but stretch it in a couple of interesting ways.

Oh wow. Fucking love that.

God I fucking love Forest Swords.


Really good. Forgetten how good he is actually. Think I’ll give Engravings a spin later.

This is great! Not listened to Forest Swords for ages. Forgotten about the new Blanck Mass too, going to give that a listen now.

Text Forest Swords for new music! Cool idea

We did swapsies cause I’m bored on a train

Great idea. Can’t believe nobody’s done this before.

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I got a really long Bjork remix and my friend got a new 2 min track. Extremely cool way to get music to people.

also got this two minute kinda intro-y track

Got this too

Loving this idea

I got a Bjork remix, two matess got a (new?) 5 min track. Mental

Compassion album out 5th May. One of the best sleeves of the yr so far too


Aaaand a new video, gorgeous song. Somewhere between Massive Attack and Burial with Björk strings.
Really lush.

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This is lovely. Even more hyped for the album now!

New single another banger. Productio seems a level above Engravings. Super hyped:


Such a good song and vid. Tour dates too yesss

10.16.17 - Bristol The Lantern
10.18.17 - London Village Underground
10.19.17 - Brighton The Haunt
10.20.17 - Leeds Headrow House
10.21.17 - Manchester Gorilla

Gah. Why did I sleep on the text for music thing. Not going to listen to these new tracks as I just pre-ordered the album.

Will skip the live dates though. Saw him at ATP and it doesn’t really lend itself to a live setting that well (IMHO, obviously). The place was empty though tbf.