Forest Swords

Nice, will try and get down to the Manchester show on for the 10th of Twentember

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He was fucking fantastic at Sonar last year. That ATP must have been the Alexandra Palace one which was grim all round tbqhwu.

He’s part of the Silver Hayes lineup at Glastonbury, where he looks really out of place:

…or does he? I don’t listen to much music of this nature. Is there anything else there that an admirer of Forest Swords might enjoy?

You know what… I’m getting his set mixed up with Balam Acab. Whoops.

But yeah, that ATP was crap. Started so well with Sleep and then Slayer, but the Saturday was dull as f**k. Weather was amazing though. We didn’t go to the Sunday.

seems about right, he’s firmly in the ‘electronic music’ world - he’s great live, super bassy & atmospheric


Well let’s hope they give him a nice late night slot somewhere dark.

Like the rest of the Glasto line up - plenty of really great stuff, plenty of dross.

So… something for everyone? Just how it should be.

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There’s some good acts on at Silver Hayes actually. It was great last year, and it actually suits acts like this because it’s pretty dark in there.

Is this the battle metal thread?

Panic is so good

Definite album of the year contender here. First listen was so good I immediately bought tickets to the Berlin show in September.

Stand out tracks so far: Highest Flood, Panic, Raw Language, and the second half of Knife Edge.


This is great.

This, Shabazz Palaces and the new Luke Vibert all on the same day.

It’s fucking amazing. So expansive and emotional but urgent/banging at the same time. Wonderful piece of work.

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Only spent a few days with Compassion, but very much this ^.

Does Forest Swords work well live? So impressed in such a short space of time that the Village Underground gig seems like a good idea.

I’ve seen him a couple of times and loved it - at Unsound 2013 especially he was fucking great. Village Underground is basically the perfect venue for it too.

I caught him at St Luke’s a few years ago and it was great. Setup was him on electronics and another guy on live bass, which worked well. Anyone know what his current live setup is?

St Luke’s is a Hawksmoor church converted into a rehearsal space for the London Symphony Orchestra, so the sound was deece too…

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Awesome - thank you. Not been to Village Underground before either, so doubly great.

Another positive live review - thanks. Sounds like I really should dig into his other stuff and get myself to Village Underground.

He was excellent at Field Day this weekend, the new tracks in particular sounds lush live. Its a lot more electronic/beaty than on record. Pulled a surprisingly large & loud crowd too. Setup is still electronics and bass as far as I could see…

The album is stunning, and will definitely be on my AOTY list.