Forest Swords

Released last week, it’s rather marvellous. Very cut and paste and scrappy, lurches from genre to genre, a bit like his own stuff. Some real gems in there, and probably the weirdest DJ Kicks I’ve ever heard. Excited to spend more time with it.


Aye this is fantastic. Wonderfully strange in parts and sounds like he’s just smashed a load of stuff he loves together, which kind of makes a change from a lot of the more clinical DJK comps in the past. I always struggled with placing what his influences were because his albums are so unique sounding so this feels like a help.

DiS review manages to confuse The Orb with Orbital :rofl:

Honestly both bands must have had a fucking nightmare in the past with people getting them confused.

Apparently this is actually the first known instance of it ever happening surprisingly enough :thinking:

About a month late listening but fucking hell, his DJ Kicks is so good. Totally insane in places but I’ve discovered a tonne of good stuff from it. Noticed even DJ Mag gave it a 9/10 this month.

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Kind of incredible new ““visual”” for Crow from his DJ Kicks compilation. Banger


Can’t stop playing this - it sounded decent in the DJ Kicks mix but really works as a standalone track. His music really fits those sort of slow-mo Ghost In The Shell-esque dystopian visuals too.

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It’s very good, I love the video (why are people calling it ‘visual’ now?!). The sort of gloopy dancefloor sound is a great little shift in direction.

Very good new mix for Unsound festival. Hope we get an album this year.


Free (ticketed) show at The Southbank in that London next month…