Just gonna slip into some pjs

emerges from kitchen covered in pineapple juice


Apple juice isn’t iconic enough to deserve its own nickname, imo

Tony Soprano’s son was called Apple Juice


might end up with a glass of aubergine juice

what’s the most popular fruit that isn’t on the “standard” juice list




banana smoothie is pretty popular though so DENIED

I have been working on a standard single source juice list that may interest you.

well so is pear you dick!

pear smoothie? what the fuck are you talking about?

what the fuck are YOU talking about?

Pear is rarely a SINGLE SOURCE (@anon29812515 ) smoothie recipe admittedly, but the same is true of banana.

In fact, they go wonderfully well together! If you haven’t yet tried a banana and pear smoothie, I urge you to do so.

don’t like pears tbqh

well I don’t really like smoothies. Bit too smooth if ykwim

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This very morning!

Yesterday i forgot which bus I needed to get to ikea in tottenham which irked me coz i like to think i’m a bit of a bus maven.

It’s new password day for me today. Howevere I just go up one number so never forget it, just hav to type it in twice for a fortnight.

(I need some stuff from Ikea. You should have let me know you were going!)

Got loads of mini daim if that’s what you were after?


I don’t want any food from Ikea whatsoever. Not from the restaurant, not from the place behind the tills.


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I ate there and I regretted it. I always do.

Did you get any of those food bag sealers? Should always pick up a packet of them (although they are plastic but they are reusable).