Forgetting Thread


What have you forgotten lately?

What’s the most significant thing you did or said that you’ve discovered that you’d forgotten?

What would you like people to forget about you?




forgot how time works briefly


Jim Kerr


I’m going shopping in a minute and despite writing a list I will forget to buy one important item requested by my wife.


about Dre


Hitachi Wand?


A guy I know has just going to work for a division of Hitachi. Wonder if he can hook me up.




Actors’ names - this happens a lot




I was at a classical concert the other night and I spent at least 70% of it desperately trying to remember the name of that film about the twat playing the drums on the same really annoying jazz song (which is also the title of the film) over and over again while a baldy cunt shouts at him.


The bus that couldn’t slow down?


I’ve noticed my memory has gone to absolute shit recently. Used to be flawless. Now I can barely remember anything.

Is this an ageing thing?


about Dre


The name of that film with that guy in it.


forgot to take a parcel to the post office four days in a row last week.


time goes by, so slowly


I really hope so. I find myself noticeably struggling to remember names these days, particularly colleagues. Nervous about dementia type stuff, but in all truth I’m probably just a decaying alcoholic who hates his workmates.