Forgot that 'ready to eat' avocado isn't remotely ready to eat

Fucking cunts

Don’t buy avocados from a supermarket. Ever.

Sainsbury’s ones are usually fine.

I know Lifehacks and all that are bullshit but I’ve found this tip pretty reliable:

those ripe and ready ones are usually two in a sealed pack so you can’t really get a good feel. worth paying extra for individual ones imo.

(n.b. did not read article)

The tip is to peel the stem off.

If it doesn’t come easily - not ripe
If it’s green underneath - good to go
If it’s brown underneath - past its best (but lets be honest, you’re still going to eat it, unless it has those weird stringy bits in it).

then i stand by my point!

You could easily knock a stem off in a two pack. Whether or not that is morally acceptable I leave to you a your god.

you start off by picking avocado stems and what next. walking around a supermarket eating grapes you haven’t paid for? no thank you.


abandon all hope ye who enter here

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Realised it wasn’t even unripe. Was just hard from being in the fridge hahahahahahaha

Avocado is disgusting and makes me feel sick anyway :relaxed:

I’d say at least 50% of Avocados I get are either mouldy, or never ripen, or suggest theyre ripe but the FLESH is pale and disgusting. I just can’t take the emotional roller coaster of avocados. I won’t be a victim of their lies anymore

I’ve realised I just can’t eat them. Make me feel nauseous as fuck.

This also explains why I get stomach ache after eating burritos sometimes - the guacamole that often comes with it e.g. Wetherspoons thanks for reading

Never bought an avocado :avocado:

do I get a dubious badge of honour for this?

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Yeah, two measly, stinking grapes. (Watched this episode yesterday)

oh my God I feel horrendous help me

how am I allergic to the healthiest food in the world