For some reason, apropos of nothing, I have just remembered Beppe fron Eastenders. Had completely forgotted that he existed. Where is he now?

Who have you forgotted and only recently remembered?

This has reminded me of when Russell Brand used to joke about him and Beppe bumping into each other on the womanising circuit.

I remembered him the other day when I was looking at some Art by someone called Giuseppe.

You could say I’m not very good at looking at Art.

Someone at work sent me this yesterday:

Had completely forgotten about it, but I remember everyone at school doing it on the playground for weeks.

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I can imagine, a reet sleazy pair them.
Didnt ‘Beppe’ date Lindsay Dawn McKenzie?

Weird that he is again entering our conscious".

Perhaps he’ll be in ‘I’m A Celebrity’?

He plays poker now, or he was
This bit is funny from his wiki
“He has commented that his skills as a trained actor have enabled him to give false tells”
Michael,no! You’re gonna lose mad money

He always seemed to be a bit of a playboy chancer.

Micah Richards is another one that recently came back to mind.

The future England captain now apparently languishing in Aston Veela’s reserves.

Loads of ex footballers I guess have now left the collective conscious.


Always found Enfield a bit hit and miss.

Absolutely. In my mind I remember him as infinitely less funny than the Fast Show.

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i follow Beppe on Insta

he lives in Ibiza. was with Wayne Lineker the other day. often does q and a’a


Is his life as playboy/sleazy as one would expect?

nah he seems alright tbf, a bit naff but doesnt seem like a creep or idiot