"Forgotten" musicians

Interesting article about a queer punk/hardcore musician who I’d never heard of before.


Can’t remember any



wow, my entire life I thought that song was by either Garbage or Catatonia. one of those weird misremembered things from my childhood I guess.



not sure if this is totally what you’re after but recently discovered this band and i love their first album. if i’d found this at the height of my love of prog, king crimson, wicker man, 70s folk, etc. i would have gone full obsession over this:

the main songwriter Roger Wootton left at some point and they continued on without him which seems utterly bizarre but there ya go


That’s what I meant, yeah. People who ought to be more well known. And that certainly counts.

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how does something like this happen? Makes the Murdoch man sound like a bit of a prick too

I’m as conflicted about Stuart Murdoch as Smiths fans are about Morrissey.

yeah looking back he seems a bit of a creep

I went to see B&S last year. (Coincidentally, @witches was at the same gig but we didn’t know each other back then)… He just gave off this really creepy vibe. I kind of want to have had them split up in 2003 and have done with it.


Yeah, my friends were commenting on how he always gets all the young ladies up on stage to dance with him. And that film of his!!! Uggghhhhhhhh

I think that tradition started at a Coachella appearance about 15 years ago… I guess he must be pushing 50 now and yeah, it’s a bit weird.

And I’ve not seen God Help The Girl. It looks horrific!

Just be glad that you never saw Kim Fowley live. King of the Creeps.

I know Kerr’s name from Monkey Wrench and Jack o’ Fire, and more recently the Now Time Delegation, with the Bellrays singer. I’ll have to check out the Big Boys now and also investigate other doings of the other band members too. A project for when I’m ‘working’ tomorrow.

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I remember a friend who works in tour promotions here in Australia, and she said B&S are basically ‘Motley Crue in cardigans’


thanks for this! im hooked.

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Fuck happened to Gang Gang Dance?