Use this thread to post things or memories that you have forgotten. If there is anything at all that used to be in your mind but has been lost to time and the fading of self, just post it in here.

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That time when that happened and they said this

Perfect opening post, thank you for your contribution

I swear there was this one time were… God, what was it again?

How would I know?

I’ve forgotten the pin for my UK debit card

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I can only remember the names of three other kids from my Primary 1 class, and I’m sure there were more than four of us. So many names forgotten.

It’ll be four digits, try to remember the first one and the rest will fall into place

It’s ok, some things are best forgotten imo

Yeah, I agree with that, there was this one thing that happened to me that I forgot but it’s probably good that I did


Did that on a date once, most embarrassing. “Errrmmm can you pay please”


Exactly, try not to dwell on it

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There were only four boys in my year group in primary school but we combined year groups in classes so it made no material difference to anything

I once went to the local pizza place to order a pizza, said I’d come back with the cash and went to a cashpoint but when I put my card in I realised my pin had been totally wiped from my memory.

Didn’t get the cash out, didn’t get a pizza for dinner, never went back to the pizza place again out of embarrassment. Worst day.


Now got a pneumonic to make sure I never forget it.

The beauty about memory is that this incident might actually not have happened as you remember it and actually you just went to the cashpoint, got the money and enjoyed a delicious pizza

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It’s certainly a possibility, one among many


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I forgot to remember to forget

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