Fork knife spoon

you only get one for the rest of your life, which one is it

  • fork
  • knife
  • spoon

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perma ban for the first epimer to say spork or one of those things


A knife can be used as all three, so that.


Spoon that I’ll sharpen one edge of.

good luck with your soup

can we still use chopsticks?


only for things you would have used chopsticks for previously

you can’t now be like “wahey check me out, gonna eat this steak with chop sticks i have beaten the system”

How will this be policed / enforced?


It’s annoying that spoon is obviously the correct answer, as it spoils what would otherwise have been a very interesting question.


good luck with your heart transplant

so if I say spoon, do I have to use the spoon for everything I would have used a knife or fork for before?

Not gonna need one, will be cutting out all the red meat due to a lack of knife.

really really heavy handedly



I enjoy forks the most. Especially when eating cake. You can also use the edge of a fork like a knife for certain things, anything else just pick it up and rip into it with your teeth. Spoons, meh. Can always just pick up soup and drink it.

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yeah cake with a fork is way better than cake with a spoon

feels fancy

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I’ve got a favourite fork.