Fork knife spoon

I’ve got a least favourite fork. Fuck off, big fork.


is this some mental car boot sale find with like owls and stuff all over it?

I normally use a knife and fork, do I have to have a spoon in each hand now?

ones that the prongs are too far apart. shit forks.

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that’s how my nephew eats* his baby mush and it seems to work pretty well for him

*throws about


Nope, it’s just smaller than the others. My auntie has a neighbour who is always chucking out decent things to replace with the newest fanciest thing, so my auntie will go rummage and gift the things she finds to others. I got some forks, I’ve somehow managed to lose a few of them though so now i only have one :cry:

i should buy some new forks

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Oh no, I’ve got one fork that’s really long and only has three prongs instead of four, it’s rubbish for some things but for certain things I quite enjoy it.

It would appear I have a lot to say about forks.

alright, spoons and baby food is my choice

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I’m going to get a proper matching cutlery set when we move. Really looking forward to it. Big fork, shit fork and the rest are not long for this world.

I’ve often considered this but I quite like having different cutlery.

I’ve got a really shit fork you can add to your collection, then. I think it’s made of tin.

No thanks, give it to my auntie, i’m sure she’ll find a home for it.


Am I the only person who’s on edge by the order of these? It’s knife, fork, spoon, surely?


Oh what, my shittest fork isn’t good for you?

Alright, the Queen.

yeah I wouldn’t give up the dizzying highs and crushing lows that different cutlery provides

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