Formative years crushes (AS IN: people you fancied when you were young)


Trying to remember the celebs that basically made me aware that Holy Wow Sex And Stuff.

I THINK the very earliest was Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns, which is when I would have been eight.

Then Gillian Anderson, then Shania Twain, and then Kelly Brook. And at that point I think my mind was basically just thinking about sexy stuff constantly because i was a teenager.

Who were YOUR first celeb crushes?


Kelly Kapowski


Louise Nurding. I ripped a poster of her out of my sister’s Smash Hits magazine and hid it in my wardrobe and she found out about it and told my mate Ricky’s sister who told him and everyone picked on me for fancying a girl


This EXACT moment


swoon[quote=“xylo, post:1, topic:15008”]
Gillian Anderson

watching back xfiles right now, man she’s so fucking sexy


late 80s kylie
claudia schiffer - schwing


Neil Buchanan


Teri Hatcher in that terrible Superman TV series.


Also Geri Hallwell in that dress obvs but that applies to literally everyone of my age in the country.


GREAT shout


oddly i thought baby spice was amazing, and posh, but never got the whole geri thing



Did you know she lied about her age to get that job? Not sure how old she was, presumably old enough to fancy, but still. She spoke about it on a podcast, probably Marc Maron.

But yeah also Gillian Anderson. Also Early-Friends Jennifer Aniston in her waitress uniform. Sheesh.


Jet, from Gladiators
Gillian Anderson from X-Files

Think that’s it, really. I’ve never been one for celebrity crushes.


Sophie Ellis-bextor’s mum, Janet Ellis. Fuck I’m old


but you’ve just named two, so yes, you have.




You’ve got the big 2 tbf


Yup. Very much so. Can’t remember if she preceded Louise Nurding or not but she certainly overtook her if she didn’t.


Philippa Forrester
Sophie Aldred