Formed a band, released a cracking album, disbanded


This thread inspired by my recent discovery of the excellent garage/power-pop available in the form of The Delphines’ debut album, released in May 2014, barely a few weeks before they split up:

Give me your one-and-only-one-album-wonders. They don’t have to be well-known DiS faves (i.e. The Postal Service), just acts that released, in your opinion, a cracker of an album, and only that album, before chucking it in for some other gig.


Elle Milano


Texas Is The Reason


links, if ya got 'em.


JJ72 (I know they had one after but that first one is cracking)



Listened to that the other day, has not aged well


but for real answers to the question

Rites of Spring


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needs more Deku/Goron/Zora Links



(not sure if they count now they’ve reformed)


lift to experience


alright, have another:

Cassie - Cassie



There was a second album but was released after the band broke up.
And was too shit to bother with,


Are you a lawyer by any chance?


Sona Fariq


Late of the Pier




Does American Football count since they got back together 13 years later

Don’t care, here’s a vid anyway