Formed a band, released a cracking album, disbanded




Guys guys guys guys!

Has been bothering me for AGES that there’s one of these that I’d forgotten and it’s just come to me :

Let airplanes circle overhead

I know that traditional post rock has been in a downward spiral towards irrelevance in the last few years but this is still one of the gems up there with young team and the first two godspeed lps. So so so good.



saw Colour 6 times in a year including 3 times in 5 days. the album was basically just all of their recorded songs released like it was a greatest hits

i don’t think Tangled Hair are anywhere near as good although i must admit i haven’t listened to them extensively

if you like twiddly guitar then tbh i’m sure you already know this


Can’t believe I’ve not mentioned Chumped. Released this in 2014, split up in 2015 I think. One of my favourite albums of the last few years - the songs are all imbued with so much personality and angst and they just steam by.

FFO: Superchunk, Standard Fare, Martha, T-Shirt Weather etc - that kinda indie-pop-punk stuff.


Exploding Hearts. For those that don’t know their tragic tale, see below.


I’m worried Girl Band will fall into this category : (

Recently there was Dasher, I love their album from last year:



Perfect Pussy (punk)

Battle of Mice (includes ex made out of babies, neurosis)

Heat Dust (post punk)


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Nailbomb


Aw shit what, they broke up?! Agreed, it was a great album - didn’t really see it get mentioned much though.


Yeah the singer/drummer said this to pitchfork about it:

Touring is kind of toxic for me. Promoting myself is counterintuitive. Since I got dx autistic it only further validated what I already knew. I’m grateful though because Dasher did enough to push me to the point of qualifying for MusiCares. That was the beginning of solving a very long and hard life mystery for me and my family. I am happy now. I’m going to apprentice as a tattoo artist. I’m going to write music In my bedroom and sleep In the same bed every night. I need this.

Which is fair enough, shame that there won’t be more from them (anytime soon anyways) but glad that it was done for the good of their health.


love this band but surely they had more than one album?


every time i see this thread title i think of this response and it makes my head hurt. classic TKC.


Yeah this is a worry :frowning: I hope they return when they can.

The bassist is still producing other bands and a couple of them played on the latest Paddy Hanna record which is very good but a VERY different vibe.


i’m sure i saw a social media post that the 2nd is on its way


Dogs Die in Hot Cars. info on what happened to them welcome


This is great, but the new Tangled Hair album this year is well worth a listen. Honest and full of tunes.


These references to knives have reminded me of Union of Knives’ sole album Violence & Birdsong (2006):

Operated On was a particular highlight:


You’re right, there is.

Never knew this…


This would be a very good thing