Formed a band, released a cracking album, disbanded


Oooh oooh Glifted! I feel like they took shoegazey stuff to a relatively new place, or at least had a different angle on it rather than just aping the big’uns.


Union Kid
Lo-Fi punk from around 2000, one album and a couple of eps and singles. All collected here:


I Was A Cub Scout came up as a suggestion today on Spotify, had completely forgotten about them.
Not sure their album would quite rank as ‘cracking’, but it was pretty decent and the singles were awesome. Pink Squares the obvious stand out:


Potentially delete Late Of The Pier from this list


Loved this band but definitely preferred the singles over the album. Didn’t like the re-recorded version of Pink Squares; felt it lost that lo-fi appeal…


I love Exploding Hearts with all my heart. That album is beloved by so many of my friends. We even formed a cover band called The Guitar Romantics and played the album back to front for a load of gigs. Brilliant songwriting, so many great little hooks in there.


Ooh jakobinarina!!!


Cende :confused:


Does madvillian count as a “band” for the purpose of this thread?


This album has aged quite well… still does it for me anyway