Formed a band, released a cracking album, disbanded


Hey Theo.

I’ve known about this for over a year, when you accidentally referred to Tempertwig instead of Nosferatu D2. I was going to say watch this space but I was sworn to secrecy.

But there is going to be a Tempertwig album, only 15 years late :slight_smile: and out just in time for Brexit.



Scarce - deadsexy

Very 90’s pixies esq sound. Just starting to get rave reviews from the weeklies then the singer had an aneurysm or something. He survived but it effectively killed the band. Loved the album at the time, it holds up pretty well.



Linea Aspera and Mellow Candle are my picks, hot damn.

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Ha ha. It wasn’t strictly that I got the wrong band. I had this idea there’d been an album recorded but not properly released because I guess Ben sent me these other tracks:

Whereas I had in my mind that I had 2 albums from Nosferatu D2 somehow.

Anyway, this looks very good! I will need it.


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Yeah I loved Perfect Pussy. Fierce, noisey but with enough melodies to hook you in too.



The Hormones
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There was a self titled record on last fm as a free download at one point (I think)

Look, I listened to it a few times in 2010?!?

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