Formed a band, released a cracking album, disbanded



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Liked these guys at the time :+1:

Similar bunch who split up seemingly the moment they got successful…


Fuck yeah Clor :heart:

Just had a google about what happened with them after

Clor split in 2006, claiming they were “unable to reconcile the yin and yang of wanting to be both wildly creative and chart-bothering” (though there were rumours one of them had a hamstring injury and could no longer perform as easily). Dobbin formed Barrington, and Smith became an in-demand producer: he did Foals’ ‘Total Life Forever’, Slow Club’s ‘Paradise’ and Everything Everything single ‘Photoshop Handsome’ among others, and was creative director of Lily Allen’s 2014 live show.


Meet Me In St Louis - Variations on Swing


Wu Lyf


Didn’t know there was an extended version of Art Brut’s indie classic


Temple of the Dog


The La’s - The La’s is an absolute classic.


The Postal Service. They reformed for a tour, but that was to celebrate their cracking album, so still count.


Mother Love Bone
Mad Season


The problem is these mother fuckers keep getting back together and ruining their legacies.


What could have been if not for copious lobster dinners and cell phone theft.


Wild Flag


I’m not sure if it counts but Ugly Casanova is too good not to post.


Jeff Buckley
Green River


Bullet Union - released the excellent Ruins Domino, played some great shows, I think another 7", and then split up. Main dude went on to form Male Bonding.

It used to be on Spotify but doesn’t seem to be anymore, but here is Mike Diver’s 5 :star: review


Men of Unitus -


Slint (Tweez was an EP)


Blankit by Blanket is one of my favourite albums ever, only thing they did that I can find.