Formed a band, released a cracking album, disbanded




I think this is their debut. It’s more ep length than an album, but great anyhow. It’s pretty recent so there might be two Blankets.


Definitely a different Blanket. This is my Blanket:




I was incredibly fond of Screaming Tea Party who only hung around for 2 EPs so I’m claiming that as equivalent to 1 cracking album. They managed to veer between Sonic Youth style ear bleeders, demented nursery rhyme weirdness and knockabout punk pop. The Death Egg EP in particular is fantastic.

Here’s one of the noisy ones:


I’m not sure what the status is on Them Crooked Vultures ever getting back together but that album was a monster.


Life Without Buildings you set of philistines




I mean they were a 2 piece which released one album and didn’t then go on to release a couple of meh cuts for a soundtrack a 8 or so years later…

oh wait


The Organ




Mates, Levitation

(and on a related note, Dark Star!)


The guitarist is in Narrows and formed the excellent Exes with the chaps from Meet Me in St Louis (minus singer), who have also only released one album, which seems to be our lot as there’s been zero activity from them for years.


Oh yeeeeeeeeeees! Didn’t they release two albums though? Have you heard Zurich? Even unmastered it’s fucking great.


I mean Popular Workshop

Although Gypsy has ‘form’ in this area but I’m not sure the Querelle album is online anywhere and given they were named after an erotic film or something it’s a bit tough to hunt down.


Also, I guess for the usual crowd


(Yes, this is a cheat really but there you go.)


Actually @ynot does Tempertwig count? I mean that was more “form a band, disband, release a cracking album years later” sort of affair.


Tempertwig no, Nosferatu D2 yes. But the album was after they split.

I was going to post that myself, but it felt wrong just mentioning a friends band, no matter just how good that album was.

It was bloody good though.

For anyone wondering who we’re on about

It can be downloaded from Spotify etc


They played one of the zoninos - were Excellent


I love that you’re feeling embarrassed at posting a friends’ band and I just rolled Popular Workshop out there with no fame.