Formed a band, released a cracking album, disbanded


Ha. I did see Popular Workshop a couple of times, probably playing with you or the ND2.

Do you remember a band called S Rock Levinson. They put on nights in Shoreditch, did they have an actual album?


Yeah, one of my good mates was in S Rock. Not sure if they had an album. I’ll ask him.


Hopkirk and Lee. Released one EP of perfect summery pop in 1998 and nothing since. Still one of my go-to records when the sun comes out. Just has a google and there are a few posts speculating about who they were and why nothing else appeared (including one blog suggesting Michael Head was involved). Anyway this is it:


Beat me to it


oh the new radicals fit this but i dont expect anyone agrees with me


Deconstruction - s/t

One off album from Eric Avery and Dave Navarro after the (first) break up of Jane’s Addiction. Navarro wanted to carry the band on and tour, but Avery nixed it and they broke up.


Still quietly hopeful Zurich will see the light of day one day, it’s extremely good.


Oil Seed Rape released two EPs and one 7 Inch in 92 - 94 and then disappeared. Together they’d make up a single album. Can I have that?


These guys were quite the indie darlings when I first started getting into alternative music :+1: Did they really only release one album? Felt like they were around for awhile…

Saw Dark Star years later. They were good too. Still got the CD single of Graceadelica somewhere…


Randomly saw these guys play in the Barfly several years ago and were absolutely awesome. Grabbed the album straight away, it’s amazing they were one and done, as they had a different vibe to them


A handful of EPs, a subsequent name change and change of style but Earwig only released one album and it’s a beauty.




Ok thanks. Was that Andrew/Jack Mountain?

He played a night Ben and I put on at the Windmill once. Pretty sure you went or even played?


Also responsible for the creation of one of my favourite wee record labels

everyone should check out that Frog album ‘Kind of Blah’. Which is far better than its name suggests.


Just put this on for the first time in about 3 or 4 years. Was one of my odd Poundland discoveries. Still really like it.


Only one proper album (Need for Not), Coterie was an odds and ends compilation of EPs and live stuff. They did record a second album which was not released until about two years ago.


Yeah. He did the solo artists gig night for a while and stuff too. He sort of took over the S Rock nights for a while after they disbanded too.


Put them on once (with A Sunny Day in Glasgow and Cats in Paris) - really good band.


Ella Guru - The First Album


Dartz! - This Is My Ship. Great album, great live band. Prego Triangolos was such a tune.