Formed a band, released a cracking album, disbanded


I saw them once at the Bierkeller in Bristol (1994, they were supporting Tool). Really good and a great album that still gets plenty of plays.


Black Tambourine


Some great bands from Manchester/Salford never went as far as an album (or haven’t released one):

1st up The Marder made 1 ep with Steve Albini then went onto start Sways Records and the the fuhrer bunker (later to be turned into The White Hotel)

Then there is my personal favourite everytime someone mentions great lost bands of Manchester/Salford these are number 1. G R E A T W A V E S released a single a few tracks on soundcloud one final track then nothing but, still utterly brilliant. If I had money and a record label I would put anything out by them in a second.

Finally KYŌGEN who has released a couple of tracks:

Special mention Ghost Outfit (they did 2 albums so probably don’t count)

and Egyptian Hip Hop

Whoever said WU LYF is also correct when they were doing the Heavy Pop nights at An Outlet and particularly that cold November night at St Peter’s Church was special as fuck. Recorded some of it on my phone still listen to it sometimes. HEAVY POP (the demo version) is one of my favourite tracks of this decade.


I’d forgotten that album. Really great!


Someone else I forgot Jai Paul officially released 2 tracks and a “stolen” album that’s story is filled with shenanigans of did he leak it himself or was it a stolen laptop. Whatever still one of the most influential artists of the last 10 years and anytime you play anyone Str8 Outta Mumbai for the 1st time they are blown away by it.


evergreen - seven songs.


Loved that album. But I havent done so in years. I might have a listen now actually.


The Sex Pistols Never mind the Bollocks


Cutting Pink with Knives


Pink Grease




They made a not so great EP before it, but Shout Wellington Air Force’s debut and only album was an absolute cracker.


Ahh, i love the Zwan album. Still listen to it loads.


You should start a thread about it!


Gutter Twins

They didn’t exactly disband, more of a side project that so far has only produced one album… belter though


Even better: one 7" wonder


My Vitriol.


The Monsoon Bassoon. This isn’t off the album but it’s a total tune.


Had both singles but lost them over the years, can’t get them anywhere


Sex Pistols