Formed a band, released a cracking album, disbanded


Holy shit… unreal this wasn’t number 1


Biggest selling album ever on Sub Pop. Presumably meaning it has sold more than ‘Bleach’.


Atoms for Peace.


I managed to hold onto mine but all three records are available on Discogs for around a fiver each.


Untitled Musical Project, great great band


This is bringing back so many great memories listening to this right now, what an absolutely superb record.


kyogen plays the keyboards in pins now and still plays her own stuff so i dont think she counts as ~formed a band, released a cracking album, disbanded~ tbf


i think they did another album after this? i never listened to it but ive distinct memories of it existing. think @xylo will know, im sure weve talked about how great this album is before


Grimm Grimm used to play with them didn’t he?


If you swap the last two parts around, I think you get


Surprised Test Icicles didn’t come up here


Yeah I though they were a stretch also didn’t she used to be in Louche FC?


dunno tbh, wasnt really aware of her stuff til she joined pins


I’m not sure if they count because of the EP and split, but that Amesoeurs album was fantastic.


I think that was technically an EP or mini-album? But you’re right there was another record actually!



Mission of Burma

(though they did also release an EP and a live album of non-LP stuff (and reformed 20 years later to release 4 more albums))


Had to Google, but yep, that’s the guy! I’ll have to check out his new stuff. Thanks for pointing this out :slight_smile:


Was absolutely obsessed with their album :disappointed_relieved:


i remember English people loving them and i didn’t get it. they always felt far too English for me…