Formed a band, released a cracking album, disbanded


Think the appeal to them was the lead singers Morrissey-esque lyrics that were spat out with such passion and hysteria. Their sound kinda went hand in hand with the others bands like The Maccabees and The Mystery Jets who I also was really into at the time - were you into either of them?

I’ve no idea how well that album will have aged though and not sure what I would have made of them if they had formed in 2018. For me, they did stick out among other UK indie acts from that period.


I suppose you could say The Good the bad and the Queen…although not disbanded as such, just never made another album. Shame…really really love that album - loads better than any Gorillaz album.


Oof good shout


never got into any of these either! remember stuff like them and Good Shoes getting lots of fuss on forums i was posting on, from English 18 year olds going to indie discos evey weekend, and i felt very disconnected from it all

Larrikin Love always felt like a post-Libertines* band with a real music hall chimney sweep image going on. didn’t listen to them very much though tbh

*i did love The Libertines tbf but found a lot of their fans very embarrassing


Yeah they were all a bit NME hype which as a young lad, I lapped it all up! Never really found myself at indie disco’s though as that wasn’t really a thing in the town that I grew up in.

In fairness these comparisons are very apt (I also quite liked the Libertines too but yeah their fanbase was full of absolute bells). Some of lyrics did yearn for ‘some long gone England’ and aye their attire was dreadful too.

The lead singer did try to start up a bit of a solo career after they disband under the guise of The Pan I Am which a friend and I followed but it never really took off.


fair, i was around that age too and had been into a lot of NME bands but in more of a Futureheads sort of mould

i just remember this picture of them in waistcoats where one of them has dirty bare feet like a poor street urchin


i was actually reading about them recently for some reason and read that one of them ended up joining Hole. staggering.


Still waiting for more material from them or have they officially disbanded? I know that there’s been a couple of solo projects emerge from that group.

Yeah I remember reading this too, seems like a very weird career trajectory but good on him! Just found this on Hole’s Wiki page of one of the members playing SXSW in 2010 :


There’s another album by them “in the can”.


I’d be surprised if we saw another Futureheads album, although I live in hope…


Copy Haho
Cap’n Jazz
Ox Scapula


Was obsessed with them when I was a kid. Loved the nasty black humour punk - and saw them quite a bit. Felt like their dirtier sounding early stuff maybe suited them better than the slick album, but was heartbroken when they split.


Excellent work in this thread.
Three come to my mind:
Eden Maine, brutal shoegaze/post-metal band on Undergroove. Released one album, the stonking To You the First Star.

Let Our Enemies Beware. DiS loved them when they were around. Absolutely manic three-guitar and no bass assault that sounds like nothing else. About Karate was their only album, although they did release another EP which was 37 minutes long. Anyway, try this:

Lastly, Distophia. Noisy, tuneful, creative, fun, brilliant. They have a mini-album, Soda Lake, and Beat Dyslexia, which I don’t think was ever officially released! It got shelved seemingly forever. Eventually, I got it off iTunes, if memory serves, after they disbanded. Three of them formed the equally brilliant Calories.


Hello! I basically was responsible for Smalltown America releasing Against Karate. It was a mix of tracks from two EPs - this one, which I think is the one you mention, and a follow up - that the band self-released.

They were in the process of writing a follow-up when they split up. This was a track intended for it:


I somehow almost forgot Boxcar Racer, Tom Delonge’s fantastic band / album from 2002 that almost broke up Blink 182.



They’d already split up when I got into them, sadly. Their lyrics will always make me laugh out loud.


Oh I hadn’t previously seen this! Such a sad read. Though I’m glad to see that he had found himself to be in a happier and more positive place.


Carrie - Fear of Sound

Amazing Snakeheads

A coincidental link here, as the guy from Carrie now does something with snakes.


Again not 100% sure if it counts since they never technically formed a band, but Neil Young and Pearl Jam need to write more albums together.


Then you, sir, are a star.