Formed a band, released a cracking album, disbanded


This is good, sounds like Mclusky. Shame they never even got to point of giving the band a name!


Came in here to post this. Cracking album, which has managed to age pretty well!


Gave away a promo copy of Beat Dyslexia thinking I’d just pick up the album properly when it was released :roll_eyes:

From memory I much preferred it to Soda Lake too.


My shout is for (x) is greater than (y).

Whole album is just a punishing wall.


Copperpot Journals


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Can’t find the album online sadly. There was a ‘2nd album’/lost recordings released quietly online the other year but only one proper one.


Indeed. 18 years old and still does it for me!




Best 50p i ever spent


Murder of Rosa Luxemburg. I really liked Secret Bark Language so was disappointed they didn’t put a full album out going in that direction.


There’s plenty that you wish did… Bloc Party… Am I rite?


…bought that back in the day…forgot about it completely…cropped back up in the memory banks about 9 months ago…since re-purchased and was better than I remembered…Jnr. Elvis in particular is something special


good shout…loved the Fifteen Quiet Years compilation even more…live version of big things, small things is great to freak out to


Good live and personable folk…I remember really digging the Soda Lake EP when it came out…wore its influences quite heavily but they had humour and tunes and those influences were first rate anyway


Beat Dyslexia is a great record, absolute travesty it wasn’t released. From what I remember it seemed the album was all done and ready to go but the label they were on kept on delaying the release as Hard-Fi who were also on Neccesary Records suddenly got pretty big and all the focus was on them. When it came to +2 years or so with the label delaying the release that kind of done in the band and they disbanded and reformed as Calories. Though I was lucky enough to see Distophia play a one off show a couple of years ago.


Yeah it just kept getting pushed back and back. My memory is that it was done not long after Soda Lake came out, and I think eventually we (Smalltown America) looked into trying to put it out but it didn’t go anywhere.

At one point they were going to be doing a split 12” with Fickle Public (another great one-and-done band) for us but that was canned when they split. I think it was going to have them covering each other alongside new material.

Really happy we got to eventually work with them as Calories though.


Ah man, Fickle Public were also fantastic.

[ As an aside, so much great stuff on those Smalltown America PSB compilations. Just looking at PSB #5 … one-two punch of Distophia and Dive Dive right off the bat. ]


Fickle Public and Distophia were great.

I absolutely loved Dive Dive, I originally saw them when they were called Dustball and have the album that came in the ball.

I also saw them play the windmill when they changed their name to Fighting Genghis, I think it was only for one gig.


Giant Drag.

More a case of ‘Formed a band, released a cracking album then went into obscurity before an off the radar release years later that I only just heard about when I googled them’. Obviously there’s a sad story here with health problems and personal issues. It doesn’t exactly fit the remit, just wanted to say what a great record ‘Hearts and Unicorns’ is.


The third Calories record I think is by far and away their best but I think they ended up self releasing and doing nothing much with it. Its a great album if anyone else hasn’t heard it. Bloody love STA so well done :slight_smile: