Formed a band, released a cracking album, disbanded




also the video is from their reunion :smiley:


Eden Maine were amazing!


I always thought they were a Will Haven offshoot for some reason

talking of which


oh hey up, they made a second album

had no idea


…can I ask why? :smiley:


FRAUEN obvs :wink:


I’ve absolutely no idea!


Think their only album was a compilation of singles and demos but I absolutely loved Nub.


a few sons of kyuss:

john garcia’s first post-kyuss band were one really good ep then done

his next band went one better and managed to release a full album before packing it in (there was a second album but don’t think it ever got an official release. it’s out there on t’internet though if such things interest you)

brant bjork and the guy who replaced him in kyuss teamed up for this one:


Just to keep on about Undergroove bands some more, Sika Redem’s album was very promising. The demos they did for the follow-up were shaping up nicely too.


Used to work with their drummer, he’s an absolute gent.

Trumpets of Death are the greatest one-album-and-done band of all time if your qualifying criteria is English folk crossed with free jazz and doom rock. Brutal, brilliant band. @sean, think you were into their spin-off BODYWORK?


Clever Girl


Minor Threat only did one album (technically).


Delakota! One Love was really nice, indie band with samples that seemed so amazing around the 90s. Think one of them plays live with Muse nowadays.




Orange Organics


Marine Research


Volcano, I’m Still Excited!!


How have I just remembered Gospel?! Still got loads of time for their album. They released a stand-alone single which was great a few years later and apparently had made some double disc prog/hardcore odyssey but all that remains is a twenty minute live recording, which is also unsurprisingly great. Anyway, legitimately cracking band.