Former DiS Poster, now MP, having their posts made public

Bamos and an MP discuss their ideal line up for an orgy with Girls aloud.

And there is more to come

A little parable here about never running for any office ever when you have a five-figure post count out there somewhere.

Like anybody reads guido anyway.

:roll_eyes: I still make these terrible title typos.

Jesus Christ

I’ve definitely said much worse on here in my youth. I thought all the old posts had been scrubbed.

The fact they’re saying they have more is… worrying.



@hofo don’t like my posts


for who?


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Does “aged 23” count as mid-twenties?

:expressionless: Unliked

And to think a whole load of people were up in arms when we were described as “nuts readers with record collections”.


I don’t think Girls Aloud records count.

Probably best you don’t run for office in future then, eh?


Was this guy (Jared not bamos) a regular poster? Genuinely don’t know who he is (pal).


For so many reasons.

don’t remember him at all.

I’ve just had a skim through the old boards around the time of this thread (2004) and no, I don’t think so.

Lots of skeletons in your closet, aren’t there?

From a quick google search, he seems to have posted far more on the music boards than social ones. There’s certainly a few other posts that only took about 2 minutes to find that I’d be busy disowning immediately if I were him.