Former DiS Poster, now MP, having their posts made public

If the leadership make the candidate selection process more CLP-led, which is their aim, then he’ll not be a PPC in Sheffield again.

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what’s your story gonna be then?

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We’re surely approaching a time when everyone will have stuff online they wouldn’t like publicised?

Not necessarily like what this guy has posted (which is all quite horrible), but even dodgy pictures of being drunk from nights out and parties when you’re a teenager will all be sitting around on various people’s social media waiting to be found if you try and become an MP.

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I might become a farmer.
Seriously, I think my history is mostly lewd or argumentative. I don’t think I’ve posted a sustained history of misogynistic, homophobic or racist stuff - but I was young and stupid and can imagine my posting something I thought was funny that if I read today I really really wasn’t.
The best thing any politicians with a past can do is fess up before hand and attitudes can change. A good example is Bill Clinton getting into hot water for ‘not inhaling’ back in the day. Barrack Obama wrote in his memoir before he ran for the Senate that he once had a pretty advance coke habit and it cost him very little.

Not till Friday!

well quite - imagine if all the Bullingdon Club activity was vined & facebooked & tweeted & whatnot - I digital archive of behaviour. In a way, we’re really not that far from the Chinese SCS scenario I was posting about the day before yesterday

Question is, do we actually want future politicians to be so clean cut and/or manipulative in hiding their past behaviour that there is never anything controversial about them? O’Hara’s stuff - no place in public office for that at all - but lots of other mainstream moral panic stuff - recreational drug use, past affiliations, drunkeness, even swearing or just basic #opinionz … and all taken out of context too no doubt

do we really want our political future to be a playground fight (any more that it already is of course) or an even deeper class/school/etiquette based fixed horse race or some kind of TV Evangelism, brilliantine swept, fake smile, whiter-than-white-purer-than-pure pissing contest ?

A bit of polling on this issue

54% There aren’t

Chinny reckon.

Kinda makes more sense when you look at it by age.

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On which note, Sketch writer Patrick Kidd’s already having a dig at O’Mara’s low attendance in the chamber, willfully ignoring that no adjustments at all were made for him to be able to access it during busy times for a quite significant chunk of the current session.

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was about to post the same screenshot

another area of public life where the actions & morals of the 65+ group are disproportionately seen as social norms and the youth are punished as a result

The big reason O’Mara hasn’t made any speeches is that he wanted to be the last person to give their maiden speech during this Parliament (there is one other who hasn’t) so he’s deliberately kept quiet. It’s one of those silly Parliamentary traditions and it hasn’t helped him in all of this.

Yeah, this is picked up in the article @jont2001 posted upthread:

There’s a group of people aged 25-40 who are vulnerable to this. It seems to be that those younger are a lot more circumspect online, and in their behavior IRL.

I’d say at least half of the 56% of 25-49 year olds are either lying or have absolutely no shame whatsoever.


You’ve missed the point - it’s not about speaking, it’s about attendance.

Is his attendance much below average?

The results were evenly split? There’s a two to one difference on the first question.


Snowflakes! Remoaners! Millennials!

(Just practising)


yeah i wonder how this all ties into less young people drinking now (as you say about behaviour irl)

I’ll be explicit. This is what I’m getting at.