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As someone with a Maths degree where I specialised in shapes, I can confirm that everything @anon5266188 has said is correct and true.

Also, football stadiums seem to be a bit more curvaceous these days, do they count?

Bolton used to play in a square:

Now they (don’t) play in a big circular stadium (because of Coronavirus).


Very, VERY smart posting. Making full use of the range of tools at your disposal. Excellent stuff.


I aim to please

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feel really sorry for them :frowning:

my word

Feel like that wasted a very good tweet opportunity/picture with the silly text they went with. Hope nobody got told off though

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an ice cube is a square and then it melts in the heat and is no longer a square

^^ the perfect answer


Wonderful post, Shrewbs

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Current rhombus

In a way, anyone who goes anywhere. Why? Well, as the old maxim goes ‘be there or be square’, so anybody who goes somewhere that isn’t ‘here’ is no longer a square.

Allied to this, jelly cubes. “Hi, I’m a cube of jelly, thus being the 3D extrapolation of a square. Neato!” “Haha, I am boiling water, prepare to submit to my wrath.” “Oh hey, I’m a mould shaped like a cat. Not so squarebular now, are we?”



You don’t get square plates much these days, they were in vogue in the late 90s/early 00s I think.

Real nice work

that old bolton ground is a bit weird eh. the windowless office block overlooking the pitch? great design. also if you’re standing on the red dot you can’t see the yellow bit of the pitch?


they could have at least put big windows in it

Do you think it would be ‘cool’ if Squares (the crisp) bought out a special edition and they were triangles or parallelograms or something along those lines?

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Yeah, that would be “cool” in my opinion