Formerly ubiquitous fashions you haven't seen in a while


There’s a girl on the train wearing a trucker cap with her ponytail pushed though the hole at the back of the cap. Haven’t seen that in a while


You not a tennis fan Aggers?


1 fashion, please!




Is that your normal order in topman?


put on too much weight after the surgery :slight_frown:


Famous for its trucker caps


:smiley: this for some reason has totally done me


when going through my old photos for that old photo thread - I was struck by the fact that I seemed to be in the habit of tucking in my t-shirt. I had completely wiped this from my mind and thought I have always been an untucked kind of person

Watching old Seinfelds at the moment with the kids (they are loving it) and it seems that everyone was at it in the 90s though


My Internet a bit shaky on the train but please imagine I’ve posted a gif of the future islands man doing his silly dance (while wearing a tucked in t-shirt)


Vince Staples is bringing this back.




with trousers that short he should really be taking the opportunity to show off some more interesting socks - seems like a wasted opprotunity


You end up falling into Tyler, The Creator territory then and nobody wants that.


this sort of thing:


them Dappy hats


Black shirts with horrible neon bits/stripes


popper pants


read that as ‘pooper pants’ and did a little chuckle

i’m 33


Saw someone wearing a Von Dutch hat earlier.

They were all the rage in the early-mid 2000s, weren’t they?