"Formulated a plan" lately?

Have you “formulated a plan” in the last 10-12 days?

Talk about it in here

Booked a holiday if that counts



Plan A: walk over to Stourbridge Common, feed the ducks, take the kids to the new massive soft play area over the common, pub lunch on the river on the way back home.

Plan B: train into town for the Big Weekend stuff

Plan C: just put them out in the back garden with a tennis ball or something and let them amuse themselves. Occasionally throw packets of chocolate buttons at them to keep them happy.

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What did you plan to feed these ducks?

I have formulated a plan for the next four years of my life, quite a big one

and also a plan to go to somewhere called Trebic tomorrow and eat some pizza

The two year old, if she’s not behaving herself.

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Have you broken down this four year plan into individual quarterly breakthroughs?


Ok. All the best x

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I want to see the niece’s unimpressed face as everyone bogles to Kid Creole

(it’s a shit line-up for a free festival for a town of Cambridge’s size)

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Yes, spent the last 24 hours formulating a pretty major plan for a client. I can’t talk about it rn but when it’s done it’ll be in the news and I’ll totally forget to come back to this thread and update you all, which I’m sure you’ll all be very sorry about indeed. It is a tricky plan, and a cunning plan, and I’m not going to get much sleep for the next few weeks until I have seen it through to completion.
I have also formulated a plan regarding where to go for dinner tonight. It was not a tricky plan or particularly cunning but I am pleased with it nonetheless.


Craig Charles DJ set though


Planned to meet someone after work and cycle to the start of an audax. Then we planned to ride the audax and then ride home.

The planning was done over Whatsapp and in person and using the popular route-making website Ride With GPS.

Thanks for reading.

For some reason, I have collaboratively formulated a plan to watch all of the LOTR trilogy with someone as a 5th date, on 7/7/19.

A fine tribute to those that lost their lives


Do you think he’ll play “ommmm”?

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Was gutted when the old one burned down, but

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IF ONLY they had one closeby!

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