Fortitude (S2)



Anyone watching it?


Might binge the shit out of it later.

How are the prehistoric wasps doing?


What was the general opinion on the first season? I watched the first couple of episodes and thought it looked and sounded great, but was just so slow. Never felt in the mood to watch it again but wondered if I missed out on something by not persevering?

Usually I quite like slow paced things but I remember the pacing for this being a bit too glacial.


Mrs czuk watched the whole thing last week. She summarised for me thusly. “It’s slightly less terrible than Season One… are they making a Season Three?”


This was pretty much my take on it. The cinematography was superb, the acting was largely decent (as you’d expect with that cast). The pacing made it near unwatchable though and I gave up.


Did Tucci die at the end of the last series? I can’t even remember.


First season was the second-worst full series of anything I’ve watched in the last few years (beaten only by True Detective season 2).


I can’t believe people are watching this shit. In the end I just read the detailed Guardian blog about it. Christ, what a shitshow.

Obviously @chintzylacroix did some great work with the music.


Yes - a couple of episodes before the end


They have a minor role in S2…


‘Only’ 10 episodes this time.

Not quite as grandly OTT, but still utterly batshit in places


Finished this last night.

Absolutely crazy.

8/10 would watch a third series.



Shaman cutting cock off



Haha! I was going to say: would prefer a bit less emasculation in the 3rd series


I watche it

I liked it

I had no clue what was happening or who was who for most of the time.


just watched the first episode. could be a really good show and there’s some really good actors in it (and some awful) but the script is toilet. Feel like ive had a lethal dose of exposition.


Slow?! Within the first ten minutes it was murder, pandemic, wooly mammoth, affair, political corruption. Felt like they were throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it.


Ep 2 was a lot better than ep 1 and im glad christopher eccleston is dead. At least i hope he is.


Nearing the end of Season 2 and enjoying it well enough at least partly as it feels as though they are making it up as they go along.

Also, enjoy the singsong Scandi accents particularly blonde cop.

Also, and spoilered for anyone not up to date…

Hildur :cry: