Fortnite / PUBG etc

Anyone play these?

I pretty much gave up on gaming years ago, but have seen a lot about these games recently and they sound intriguing. Fortnite especially so, since it’s free and you can get it on your mobile apparently. Is it worth a dabble or will I just end up with some 12 year old from Slovakia calling me slurs?

I don’t understand the appeal. This is my old man shouting at cloud moment.

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Not for me, Clive. And if I’d fallen out of gaming they’d be the last thing to bring me back (but then again I prefer niche, story wank)

Timesplitters 2 was one of my favourites back in the day, though I wasn’t any good, and crucially, only ever played my friends while they were sat in the same room as me. Fortnite and Overwatch look, superficially, kind of similar? But the idea of playing strangers online and being judged by them is really off-putting.

Slurs means ‘friend’ in Slovakian so I say go for it.

My mate text me telling me to download Fortnite the other day and I told him to act his fucking age

I’ve played a few games of PUBG. Probably the most stressful gaming experience of my life but I did really enjoy it

I play fortnite.

you can only hear people on your squad (and you can easily mute them) so you should be free from slurs

My Lad is massively into Fortnite. Seems a pretty decent game tbh

What are the chances!?


Oh, do you have to be in a squad? Can you choose a squad, if you had friends who played it, or do you get paired with randoms?

I’m out of my depth, I’ll just redownload Madden Mobile.

I think battle royale games are a brilliant concept and Fortnite is a great game. Really requires a lot of strategy and multi-tasking and decision making re: the combat / mining for materials / building dynamics. The building put me off at first but now I see the appeal.

Apparently it’s infuriating on mobile compared to the console versions too - also graphics are nowhere near as nice to look at.

Problem with any of these online PvP free for alls is that the learning curve can be quite brutal as you might be up against someone who’s been playing it every day for the last six months. I’ve put quite a lot of hours in and I’ve come into the top 2 / 3 a few times and been absolutely shitting myself as some ultra gamer builds a castle on my head and blows me to pieces

But, Fortnite is just great fun. Every game is different and there’s a lot of great moments to be had encountering other players in quieter areas of the map


They’re all first-person shooters, yeah. PUBG’s twist is that it is like Battle Royale. These kind of games have existed since the film came out, but PUBG was the first to go really massive. Fortnite is a well-backed, and slicker clone of PUBG.

They’re better on a PC than a console, and they’re better on a console than a mobile.

EDIT: ‘clone’ is probably a bit harsh a term.

You can play solo, in a duo, or in a 4 man team


It’s important as a self-respecting adult to not focus on the amount of times you’ll get finessed by players who are probably 12 years old

Almost at the point where I’ve lost interest in games forever, I think.

This is where you lose me.

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Yeah if the shrinking map concept doesn’t really do it for you I can imagine it’s not too high in appeal

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This is where I basically am, except I still end up reading quite a lot about them, for reasons I can’t explain.

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what nav said, and yeah you can choose your squad (can also team with randoms though)