Fortnite / PUBG etc


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I would die for my rideable boar

My son was just showing me this. Very cool. Not played for months

I have to limit my time on it, otherwise I’ll spend all fecking day playing Fortnite. Youngest loves it, and I’ve had a spin on the new chapter, but eeesh it does know how to suck up your time!

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The motorbikes are cool

Just watched my son drop 20 elims in a duos match with his school mate

Can’t sniff a win this season. Bloody frustrating.

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That hammer cunt can get fucked into the sun, hate it

Never been more annoyed that neither the Switch nor Xbox Cloud versions have the replay facility, because I just eliminated a hammer cunt while they were in mid air above me, about to eliminate me in the river where the first hammer blow sent me, with a single arrow to the head.

Dr Mrs Epimer saw it and agreed it was the coolest thing either of us have ever done in Fortnite. Possibly in anything.


Xbox. Hold the share button. Clip made

Dr Mrs Epimer absolutely carried us to a win yesterday. 9 elims to my 5.

I’ve never been more aroused.

The new season is a reboot to the 2018 version of the game. I hate it.

Came first in my third ever game. Started texting everyone who’d care and my cousin pointed out it makes you start against bots :expressionless:


This is brilliant. Shows how much the game has changed when you’re fighting the endgame with no heals and nothing better than green and blues.

It’s only for one month I believe.


I’m convinced they’ll keep it as a game mode

It was their biggest ever day apparently, can’t see why it would harm to just leave it in as an option

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Ok it’s fun again

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