Fortnite / PUBG etc

was doing a squad one but had no idea what was going on so now I’m doing solo, seems easier to understand

Team rumble is a good fun way to get used to the mechanics. It’s worth learning to do some simple builds like a box (4 walls) and a ramp as this will enable you to attack and defend. Make sure you use a headset so you can hear the chests and if people are nearby.

(Team rumble is basically team deathmatch with respawn)

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Omg I came 2nd in a solo rumble (dunno how) and then died by falling off a big hill

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Smashing it tonight(against bots)

Good game just then pal, so close at the end!

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haha I know, You carried me in that. I liked your bold move at the end with the Doom mythic weapon vs the chopper!

Never heard of it
@hip_young_gunslinger yes after that debacle last night I read up on how you’re actually supposed to open it. Llamas are different now as well.

Played a quick game of solo this morning and got my first VR this season after getting a UFO and wiping out the last 3 players on top of a mountain.

I think the Rick skin is gated until you either unlock a certain level of rewards, or get to level 90 XP. So the tactic is probably to only buy the cheapest (3 or 4 star rewards) to unlock all the pages as quickly as possible, as each page is gated by the number of rewards unlocked. It’s basically the old system with a little bit of flexibility.

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Already miss the bow and arrow. Our strategy had ended up as getting me a blue or better bow and arrow and then just winning.

Sniper rifle feels awkward in comparison because of the very restricted field of view. Although I did win us a game last night by sniping someone who was mid-chicken jump, which was good.

You know those games where you’re constantly in the shit and being shot at from at least two directions the whole time?

I need a lie down


Big fan of building, I see.

On an unrelated note, I spotted that regardless of how many cheap items you buy in the battle pass, the Rick skin is unavailable until you’ve purchased 90 items meaning you have to functionally reach level 90 anyway to get him. Rubbish! Looks like I’m in this season for the long haul…

I built one (1) ramp to get into a roof, thankyouverymuch.

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The legendary bolt action sniper rifle does 290 on a headshot. fyi.