Fortnite / PUBG etc

I’ve hit 100 each season I’ve wanted to (ie not the Marvel season because I didn’t like it), but just felt I’d rather speed it up this time if possible. If I don’t have to grind any more, I can escape the loop…

Absolutely cursed


Can you get a Pickle Rick skin

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Jesus, I’m not even level 50 yet

I paid for 25 of them with my vault of V-bucks. Other than that, I just hit all the daily and weekly quests, probably averaged out to a couple of games a day?

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Not yet, you can get toxic Rick though.

But if I go out of my way to do the quests it will interfere with my pwning noobs

Oh yeah I heard you could fight in the game, not sure, never done it.

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The new Ferrari skins look like Joey in that episode where he pretends to have a Porsche

I’ve only played once since getting the Rick skin, Im so out of the loop. Ferrari skins, whatever next

The UFOs just aren’t fun. Bin them off.