Fortune Friday 🔮🎱✨

It’s Friday with added fortune.

Had a meltdown this morning because I forgot poo bags so had to go back home after a couple of hundred metres and after I unlocked my door both days tried to bolt off because they thought I was taking them back home. Had to move away from the fire which was wide open with the keys in to keep the dogs safe. Managed to grab one just as she slipped her lead. Fortunately a neighbour came out as I was standing at the other side of the road with no idea what to do so they went and found poo bags and locked my door for me. Home now but very very stressed. But could still be standing there now so I guess I should count myself lucky.

Hmmm, more fortune needed?

Will I actually get round to baking either the cake or cookies I was planning on? @discobot fortune

What are you going to ask our glorious bot about your Friday / Weekend? No do-overs allowed.

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:crystal_ball: As I see it, yes


Excellent. Better not let db down.

Morning iridium et al!

It’s a long weekend in Glasgow so I’m not working until Tuesday.

The Child and Wor Lass are heading out on another play date and I’m mowing the lawn for the first time since September. Something something pollination something biodiversity something something laziness.

My football game has been cancelled so no plans tonight and we’re away for most of the weekend so we’re eating leftovers and freezer food for tea.

Off to (Jamie T voice) LAHNDAHN

Still packing hah


Morning all

About to go for a quick bike ride.

Need to pop up the High Street later, so will go and have a mooch in B+M, Home Bargains and maybe even Iceland while I’m there.

Very tempted to take the dog for a lunchtime pint in the sun…

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Morning. Absolute shell of a person today, still not recovered from being ill. Bloody nuisance, these flesh prisons that cage our consciousness, aren’t they.

Just need to get through today, then I can have a nice restful weekend of catching up on work that I didn’t get to because I was sick.


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Last day in work for a week and a half

Had a good date last night with a bit of a snog at the end

Can’t wait for this call to end so I can get more coffee and some toast

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Leaving work about 2pm to drive to liverpool to go see Gilla Band. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Incredibly tired today, as we’ve been down to two at work at week and it’s been exhausting. Was also at my parents last night for my dads birthday.

Todays main task is to try and get Dinosaur Jr tickets at 10am.

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Seeing a lot of Fridays, not seeing much fortune.


Will I enjoy blur tonight? @discobot fortune

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:crystal_ball: My reply is no




Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Just dropped gnome off for her last day. Had an infuriating number of fools on the road. first off, I was driving down here at 9am, and moved into the middle section, to turn right, and was faced with someone driving full pelt at me in the other direction. It’s clearly signposted at the bottom saying you can’t use the middle bit until 9:45

Then I was coming back up the other way and on a two lane right turn had a learner on a scooter fully swipe into my lane causing me to have to slam the brakes again. Then I was driving back up my road, which is a single lane with parking on either side, got stuck behind a car that was driving really slowly without any indication. It pulled in, so started driving past it, only for the car to sudden shape as if to pull back out right into me. Ban cars imo.


Me on way to work: Yeah I’m gonna get shit done
Me at work: I’ll just check DiS


Bank holiday weekend……:thinking:……gonna be a hellish drive :grimacing::weary::laughing:

Picked up a cinnamon bun for breakfast, got 24 mins to make a 20 min walk - so ahead of schedule :smiley:


Totally forgot it’s a bank holiday weekend.

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