Fortune Friday 🔮🎱✨

Morning DiS

I worked my absolute arse off yesterday afternoon, working through till almost 7pm. Then I logged in this morning and had multiple messages from people telling me I’d done it wrong. Not the nice relaxing start to friday that I’d hoped.

I think I’ve fixed things now, but who knows?

Have fun, still annoyed with myself I forgot when they went on sale. Absolutely exhausted today anyway.

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Morning all, the sunshine is out in N21 :sun_with_face:

Not much planned for today, except work. Not even sure what to have for tea this evening hmmm

New releases on the stereo – Cusp and Clark – and catching up with Jazz Club when they’re done.

Thanks. I’m sure they’ll do a proper tour before too long, I don’t think they’ve had a proper headline run over here since May 2019, so they are due one. Not sure if you’ve seen they’re back at the end of the summer supporting Hot Mulligan, whose new album is pretty fun.

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:crystal_ball: Most likely


Can’t put a price on this

A lovely daaa – etc


Happy Friday everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve got a big weekend ahead so going to take it easy today (other than putting up some shelves).

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From my leaving card… :smiley:

You can tell this guy hasn’t met me irl :joy:


Doing ok

Hi @plasticniki


Last day of work for 2 weeks but basically done all the handover so hoping no messages come in so I can head to the beer garden early for a birthday lunch and slow afternoon before going to the T20.


Any sign of the Curlew Sandpiper?

They’ve got my synth! Don’t fancy playing it like he is though

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Not round that way yet, half hour or so

You’re in N21? Me too!

Well not right now, I’m in E14.

Wait, do I know you? :joy: maybe I already know you.

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I would also like to go to swiftageddon! I


Happy Friday. I’m at work today purely so I can go get my eyebrows done on the way home as it was the only available appointment!

Currently trying to decide where I should go for lunch. Or might just get a sandwich and eat in the sun :sunny:

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Ugh, meeting sounds exhausting but evening sounds like a goodun :cake:

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Make sure he doesnt get too pissed


Between 10-1 they said. What’s the bet they turn up after one :eyes: grumble. Waiting in on an electrician who needs to pop in to check something for an estimate.

Excited for a quiet weekend :blush:

Got a vintage fair tomorrow morning and then maybe lunch with a friend.

Rest of the time will be doing bits and bobs about the flat.

Despite looking forward to this I’m feeling quite grumpy and I don’t know why. Stop it.

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