Forums are great, aren't they?

Like, would you ever really engage with DiS elsewhere?

Should I look to do more Twitter Spaces (really love how Tortoise uses theirs) or Instagram Lives or have a Dischord channel for things that might work better as a chat room-like flow of conversation (I can’t think of good examples outside of something like the finale of Breaking Bad or World Cup or when Glastonbury is on telly)

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your website is helping me a lot


I’d be surprised if many people from this forum would shift across to those, or use them in addition to the Discourse platform.

You might get a few people who engage with the twitter or facebook accounts doing it, but I don’t think there’s much overlap between them and here.

Part of me does think that it’s a shame that the likes of twitter, facebook, instagram etc have effectively killed off just about every active forum bar reddit and mumsnet these days.

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Maybe it’s a generational thing, but I like forums better than the socials, or Reddit, or discord or whatever. Don’t think I would be reading stuff all the time if this place was in one of those forms.


I can’t stand Discord. I just find it impossible to keep track of different conversations.


It’s like I’ve always said, a forum is only as good as the people posting on it.


I wouldn’t want to shift, but let’s say I had an interview with Trent Reznor or Ryan from Pitchfork or Lizzo… it would make more sense on those platforms than an Reddit-style AMA on the forums, potentially. And then be available as a podcast for on demand, etc.

Sometimes a forum thread can be A LOT to stumble into, which perhaps explains why, despite these huge stats, we don’t get a lot of newbies (a few people sign up every day but don’t end up posting or becoming regulars).

There are plenty of threads that I wish I had 2 hours to get into the weeds of and understand the full discussion but anything over 100 replies is hard to grasp it all, especially when there’s a lot of in jokes and things, which is also what makes this place so magical once you become a regular.

And like, even the threads like the ambient one, which I love, is impossible to keep up with unless you check it for an hour or two every week, and annoyingly I rarely have time to carve out to explore all the amazing recommendations in the way that I might if there was a good summary or really amazing things were filtered out by certain community members at a time when I was actively looking for a recommendation.

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A disgrace of a website. How did it get to be that popular with that layout?




It depends how active they are. I’m in a few that are quite tumbleweed but the different channels are really rich - and, like Slack, are easy to mute then dip into when you want to check them. Their audio quality for their audio rooms is also really brilliant!

I barely comment on your Facebook posts to be honest - I get weirdly embarrassed if my uncle Keith can read my bad jokes and musical opinions.

(I know that he could read this - and I look forward to the joke account @unclekeith replying to this - but he doesn’t get a notification on his Facebook saying "[CCB] commented on Drowned In Sound’s post)


Ask Amazon :upside_down_face:

Think they prefer seventeen seconds over there

Big Neneh Cherry fans

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Who isn’t


speedy work, @unclekeith






Forums are great, aren’t they.