Forums are great, aren't they?

  • CCB set up the unclekeith account to finish his own setup
  • It’s actually his uncle keith
  • It’s maosm

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Wait, is this a hint that there might be more DiS CONTENT on the way?

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rumour has it, sean is currently living in old trafford and won’t leave until it’s released


Might Betteridge’s Law this bad boy.

Yeah I agree actually
Much better format than e.g. twitter

i prefer the nested comments


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My last fake account was PhilippeFoloppe. And that was on the old boards.

*prison keith

This may have already been suggested and/or discussed elsewhere but…

can we do something to help people who are just dipping in and want to find some good recommendations?

I would also be interested in some good ambient recommendations but no in spending a huge amount of time deep diving into the thread

Uncle Keith interviewing Lizzo


Fora is great

:face_with_monocle: hmm

Rival Uncles :confused:

To be fair, my two uncles (Keith and Peter) are both legends. Wouldn’t want to choose between them. (Might make a good thread: rate your uncles and aunts - though obviously might need to be SSP)

i also have an uncle keith

  • Keiyes
  • Neith

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this is now the #keith thread


It’s uncle sir Keith, to you

United by Keith.


About time someone mentioned ‘Keith’ on DiS!

(No idea what they sound like)