Forums - the end is nigh for forums?

never really understood why the imdb boards were such a cesspool but my word they really were bad


Mostly just entry-level trolls and weird little men getting upset at that all-female Ghostbusters film. Good riddance.

not really a forum on there

I used to enjoy asking a question about a film and adding some trivial details, confusing some and angering others.

Another good one was asking questions about the wrong film. People loved that.


When i think about it i’ve had some great angles over the years. I’ve really evolved with the times (bar an extended period of mental illness around 2010/11). The best comics evolve, y’know.


The IMDB forums were appalling.

But I took a weird sort of satisfaction in the fact that literally every film that’s ever made had, as the top discussion, a thread entitled something like “Worst film ever,” “unwatchable crap,” “pretentious crap,” “Worst film I’ve ever seen.”


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Yeah I’ve seem some properly awful threads on IMDB that said there’s also been some fairly decent discussion on there as well.

IMDB is a great resource with a bad community. Look at how many trivia pages have the same fact multiple times or contradictory ones. It shows you how no one is maintaining.

Then there’s the fact so many reviews clearly come from regressive and/or misogynist types or people with no appreciation of the art form, e.g.

They should do a film about this

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