Forwarding / sorting a website


hey hey.

having a complete nightmare - anyone know about websites, particularly weebly ones? building and forwarding?


When you say ‘forwarding’, what exactly do you mean? Do you need to change the destination of a URL from an old website to a new one?


Here’s some weebles


yep, so weebly have decided that we (by which I mean the website I help out with) is no longer free unless we have a weebly in the url. I need to know how to make the old domain - which was purchased through weebly forward to this new one.

Also any advice on moving more than one file at a time. Currently killing me.


hey, i’ve seen quite a few websites


I’ve surfed the information superhighway


Just so I understand:

  • The old website is on Weebly.
  • The new website isn’t on Weebly.
  • You want to point the Weebly-purchased domain name to the new website.

Is that right?


RE: your second question does weebly have an option for FTP? It should allow you to browse the contents of the website like you would for windows so you can just drag and and drop files rather than having to upload\download them.


nah, they are both on weebly.

Basically, weebly decided that if you don’t have weebly in the address it was going to start charging for using its hosting. We can’t pay - charity etc so have taken on the new weebly subdomain. Just need all the old peoples bookmarks to auto forward to this new weebly site.

I feel this should be easier than it is.


you can ask weebly themselves to point that URL at the new site. This is better than setting up a 301.


ta, i have just done this. fingers crossed otherwise it’s another RARGH moment as they copy and paste me another help file that doesn’t help.


hang on though, they’ll charge you something to keep the old URL running won’t they? usually amounts to like £20 for a couple years.


Ah, ok. Then yes, as xylophone says, you may have to contact them. Post up if they’re not helpful, a quick google suggests this is something that is user-configurable within Weebly’s tools.

Edit: Xylophone? Auto-correct. Not fixing it.