Fountain pens - did I dream this? Maybe just for elderly DISers

When I was at school we all had to use fountain pens - and the brand most people used (parker??) had cartridges that had an “extra” bit of ink in the bottom of the cartridge. When you ran out of ink you opened the pen up, tapped the end of the cartridge and some extra/ spare ink was released.

Seems pretty daft in retrospect.

Feel free to weigh in on this and general fountain pen chat - I remember the lefties getting a pretty raw deal from the mandatory fountain pen rule

Parker pens must have been in cahoots with someone pretty high up in the schooling system.

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As a “lefty” I don’t remember tapping the cartridges but I do remember my school life being an ink smudged hell around this time.


i never graduated to my fountain pen :frowning:


ha ha look at ericv in crayola corner!

The pen equivalent of ten papers left.

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When i was at school we still at the wooden desks with the hole in the corner for ink. I shit you not.


when i first started primary school, you had to use a fountain pen, and you weren’t allowed to use one with cartridges - you HAD to buy a bottle of ink and try and use a pen that sucked it up into the pen

what an absolute crock of shit. everyone just gave up and moved on to cartridges straight away.


had to use one of these


ha ha!

(me too)

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we had them, used to balance that teeny terrapin that looked like a diver from the kinder egg on the edge of it

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Not seen those before but they look like they might give some extra comfort. Might get some for my next exam.

my primary school had these too - we never actually used the ink wells, but we kept our books in our desks, was handy

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We used to do hand-writing practice like something out of the 19th century with blotting paper and everything. Given that everyone uses computers these days it was a complete waste of time. Could have been learning computer programming or Mandarin instead

nah they’re very hard and intended as a corrective device so are intentionally uncomfortable


kids at my school who had old school pens always always always ended up having an ink spill in their school bag

Ah I was thinking they’d be siliconey

Fuck a fountain pen. Nonsensical that we were ever made to use them in a ballpoint world.

I am not at all bitter about being relegated back down to pencil after a disastrous initial period with a pen.


I carpeted the inside of mine.

Not sure why, really.

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At my primary school you had to use a pencil until you “graduated” to fountain pen, Every piece of paper you used for doing work on had to have a “border” round the edges of joined up cs or Ws or whatever

They also insisted on a particular style of handwriting called italics.