Fountain pens - did I dream this? Maybe just for elderly DISers




remember when Tippex required a separate bottle of thinner to stop it turning into porridge?


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Agree completely. At that age they are massively creative and imaginative, so why not try to…I dunno…encourage that rather than designing tasks that actively penalise it?

Dadrant over.

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it’s literally all the Tories fault (maybe Tony Blair too)

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I’ve still got one of these:

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Anyone remember that excellent thread about putty rubbers?

thats what I had - surely a modern classic

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Anyone got a “nice” fountain pen - the kind you get as a gift? Ever use it

At my last company you got given a Mont Blanc fountain pen for five years service. They went bust when I was at about 4.5 years…


Anyone got a “blotter” in their study or on their desk? My parents had one in the “study” (translation, room where the 2nd TV and the acorn electron lived, plus a filing cabinet). We just used to draw on it, don’t think it ever got used for actual blotting

Used to have to sell them in my Saturday job as a kid. Truly blew my mind that people would ever spend hundreds of pounds on a fucking pen. Idiots.


that was my fave bit, the lilac :hugs: :blush:

There’s a few fountain pen shops in Geneva airport and they can cost thousands in there. Saw a guy in a fancy hat buy one for about £500 once, pretty gruesome to spend that much money on a pen really.

I assumed that a ‘nice’ pen would be about £50 or something. Nope, Mont Blanc pens are about £350-400!

Yeah, I could have flogged it!

How fancy was this hat?

Parker biro pens weren’t even decent. What were they, about £15?

Any kid worth their salt had a combined pen/pencil.

We had to use fountain pens at my school too and I had a Parker with cartridges. I don’t remember the tapping thing but I do remember that we used to break the empty cartridges open and the ball that was the stopper would then be flicked at friends.

Incidentally, I and most of my possessions had ink stains.

  • I had a pencil case like a fucking 1800s boarding school kid
  • Kept a pen in my pocket occasionally, failing that just borrowed one off a boff in class

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I’d say it cost a lot more than the pen