Fountain pens - did I dream this? Maybe just for elderly DISers

better acoustics I expect

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We had to use fountain pens from 9-13 as well.

Most people initially got one of the cheaper brands, but then eventually graduated onto the posher Parker one after a couple of years as they were so much better made.

And yeah, they did have the little reserve bit that you flicked at the end, so that you knew when you’d soon have to replace the cartridge.


I still don’t like writing with ballpoint pens. I much prefer fountain pens or fineliner-types.

At least 60% of the shit they teach you at school’s just bloody pointless. You don’t need to know how to write with a fountain pen, or about clouds, or algebra, or about Franz fucking Ferdinand. I remember being about twelve and just thinking ‘this is fucking tedious bollocks i’ll never, ever need to know’.

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  • fountain pen boff
  • cool pencil dawg

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We can’t all be absolute fucking class acts though can we


we had to use berol handwriting pens between the pencil and fountain pen stages. Does an adult ever use those? do they serve any other purpose? who knows

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Berol pens all the way m9

Cracking up at “ballpoint world”


Our teachers always used Staedtler pens, and to this day if i see one i’ll nab it.

Quite like a good pen, must admit.

Hated fountain pens, especially at secondary school, as there would regularly be kids flicking ink at everyone.

Primary school was just a load of complete bollocks really, getting kids to do fucking long division and shit. Utter nonsense.

School should be entirely driven towards giving kids a desire to learn not drumming that innate desire and curiosity out of them.

Some of the stuff I’ve had to help my partner with in terms of marking test papers and that for 6 year olds makes me dead angry.

Tasted bad too.


Dead smart though eh. Would make so many errors deliberately to get a taste of that magical disappearing act. Those tipp-ex mouse things were a gamechanger as well

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still love fountain pens fwiw - use one of these at work

Pilot V Pen Disposable Fountain Pen - Black, Box of 12

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I have a 6-year-old who’s just been through that nonsense. I mean, I’m bloody proud that she can reliably spell “cat”, and here she is being asked to “identify the vertices in the diagram below”. Just reading the question is a huge and unnecessary challenge, never mind answering it.

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Not going to be able to perform an ad-hoc tracheotomy with that bastard should you need to are you?

I recently got a Lamy fountain pen like I had at school for nostalgia’s sake and it’s really nice to write with. The ink cartridges seem to run out really quickly though. Does the ink evaporate or something?

Parker pen, blue ink cartridges. Teachers would literally tear up homework handed in that was in biro.
Desks were wooden, usually fliptop lid, inkwell in the top right corner (being left-handed was obviously a sign of demonic possession), blackboard with white chalk, no interactive whiteboard stuff.
And, yes, the tappy-cartridge was a thing

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