Four finger kit kats are the same price as a kit kat chunky in my local shop


This is bullshit. Four finger kit should be at least 5p - 10p cheaper.


Show your working


Doesn’t matter though, they’re both boring.


if both are the same price

  • 4 finger
  • chunky

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Um kit kat chunky is god’s own chocolate bar? 4 finger kit kat is a stopgap measure en route to chunkyville.


My vote counts as 2 as it’s my thread.


I think 4 finger Kit Kats are better than Kit Kat Chunkys plus you can get dark chocolate versions which are better


Can you tell us the weight of each please?


mine counts as 4 because I made the poll


I choose death.


Death is not an option so that’s another vote for chunky.


Has anyone made a four finger kitkat out of kitkat chunky?no me neither


I reckon you could use a soldering iron and a tin of that freeze spray stuff to do it


remember kitkat caramac? so unfathomably awesome


Kit Kat 4 Finger Milk Chocolate Bar 41.5G

Kit Kat Chunky Bar 40G

Not so “chunky” now is it?



4 finger then. All about price per gram, everyone knows that.


the chunky must be a nightmare for people with weak teeth. mutants i mean. little weak-toothed mutants


Also there’s probably a larger surface area and therefore more chocolate but I can’t confirm this. Edit: And the chunky chocolate seems thicker so this might be bollox


Had a standard issue 2 finger KK recently. Solid chocolate, no wafer.