Four finger kit kats are the same price as a kit kat chunky in my local shop

This is bullshit. Four finger kit should be at least 5p - 10p cheaper.

Show your working

Doesn’t matter though, they’re both boring.


if both are the same price

  • 4 finger
  • chunky

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Um kit kat chunky is god’s own chocolate bar? 4 finger kit kat is a stopgap measure en route to chunkyville.

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My vote counts as 2 as it’s my thread.

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I think 4 finger Kit Kats are better than Kit Kat Chunkys plus you can get dark chocolate versions which are better

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Can you tell us the weight of each please?

mine counts as 4 because I made the poll

I choose death.


Death is not an option so that’s another vote for chunky.

I reckon you could use a soldering iron and a tin of that freeze spray stuff to do it

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Kit Kat 4 Finger Milk Chocolate Bar 41.5G

Kit Kat Chunky Bar 40G

Not so “chunky” now is it?



4 finger then. All about price per gram, everyone knows that.


Also there’s probably a larger surface area and therefore more chocolate but I can’t confirm this. Edit: And the chunky chocolate seems thicker so this might be bollox

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Had a standard issue 2 finger KK recently. Solid chocolate, no wafer.

If you want the REALLY nerdy details, apparently the chunky used to be a WHOPPING 48G and they’ve conned us all by reducing it and making us think it’s the big’un. Probably something to do with Brexit idk.

That’s not standard issue, m8.

Had a standard issue 2 finger KK recently but with solid chocolate, no wafer.